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Chicago, IL

From tops to dresses, jackets to pants, the Plumage collection has been designed for the petit mademoiselle or homme in your life to dress with freedom. Working in partnership with family businesses, Plumage designs sustainable clothing for children from natural, organic materials.


Nature + nurture design

Your child is at the heart of everything we design. All our clothes are created with their love of exploring, their mischievous grins and the world we're making for them in mind. This is nature + nurture design.

Working with natural materials in a sustainable way

Working with natural materials in a sustainable way

We believe your children’s clothes shouldn’t damage the world they live in and we believe they shouldn’t contain anything you wouldn’t want next to your child’s skin. 

So we work with trusted suppliers to ensure all our clothes are made from 100% organic, natural materials that are spun and worked following ethical methods. Our close relationships with our textile manufacturers allow us to carefully trace all our materials from field to hanger. Once the materials are spun, they’re crafted into our designs by Sew Precise,  a local family owned business that employs local people. The whole production process has been designed in collaboration with Sew Precise to minimize the waste that is so inherent in the fashion industry, so that we can be sure we embody the best in ethical clothing practice.

You can find out more about our suppliers on the suppliers page.

Designing with children’s true natures in mind

When our founder’s three children had crying fits after getting stuck removing t-shirts or complained their waistbands were too tight, she knew there had to be a better way. She set about designing a range of clothes that were actually adapted to the needs of both her children and everybody else’s. 

Our clothes buck the trend of adult clothes in miniature sizes and give kids what they need to live life to the full. Wraparound styles allow for both independent dressing and the freedom to climb up couches or trees.  We avoid hard fastenings that are tricky for little hands and tight openings that trap flailing limbs.  By using natural materials in stylish colours, Plumage clothes allow children to put their personality on their outfit rather than defining it for them. 


Helene Bizouerne, Founder

Sustainability is essential for Plumage, from the way the fibers are grown to the way the clothes are sewn. Respect the environment, our resources and the freedom of our children is the essence of Plumage.
— Helene Bizouerne

Turning a couture mind on the world of sustainable children’s clothes, Helene Bizouerne studied fashion design at Central St Martins in London and combines over 18 years’ experience in New York and Chicago, most notably with Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger. She recently moved to Auckland and is dedicated to develop responsible and sustainable practices to design and produce relevant collections.

Inspired by the Circular Economy mindset , Helene started designing a range of clothes that doesn’t contain any petroleum based materiel , such as nylon or polyester and doesn’t include any metallic fastenings such as zippers that are not recyclable. With a solid nod to Japanese purity and as a mother of three, Helene’s strong belief in encouraging children to define themselves on the journey to their own sense of style is present in everything she designs. She crafted timeless pieces with spontaneity and freedom of movement in mind.